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Discovery Questionnaire

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Thank you for choosing New Path Media! 


We look forward to joining you on your journey.


To kickoff the Discovery stage in our process, we ask that you kindly answer the questions below. Sometimes, Discovery is quick and only needs a few hours, other times it can take several sessions.

Full Name

Company Name

What is the problem your business/organization is currently facing?

What makes your company different? What are your unique attributes? (List as many as you need, but be honest with yourself).

Why do customers buy from you?

What kind of impact or action do you want customers to take? (Be specific and thorough).

What is your brand promise? (i.e. Is Coca Cola promising soda or refreshment?)

What are your 3 goals with this project? (i.e. FedEx's might be: not to lose 1 package, 20% annual dividend return, #1 rated customer satisfaction).

What is your desired perception from your customers? Your competitors? The industry?

Thanks for submitting!

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